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Hail Storm In The Garden

On April 29th 2016, Western Arkansas was hit a by a devastating hail storm. The storm blew thru the area within a few minutes and nailed our garden with golf ball hail stones. Our spring garden was damaged along with our seedlings. Our tomatoes took the brunt of the damage and hopefully they will come back.

Mother nature can be a bit of a unforgiving force.



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Greenhouse and Garden Update After Cleon Ice Storm

On Thursday the 5th of December 2013, an Ice Storm named Cleon by the National Weather Service hit the Natural State of Arkansas. The state dropped temperatures by over 50 degrees from the previous day. The freezing rain built up to over 1 inch of ice in some places, causing power-lines and trees to buckle under the extreme weight.

Over 31,000 Arkansans were without power that night from Cleon. A lot of roads became impassable from the ice and later over 6 inches of snow. The snow and ice stated for many days afterwards due to the Arctic blast from up in Canada and the temperature never got above freezing for up to a week after the initial weather event. This major ice and snow storm was a record for the day for everything from temperature to perspiration.

This update showed just my small moment of what the storm did to us and our greenhouse and garden from Fort Smith, Arkansas during and after that major weather event Cleon.

We lost a few limbs and and internet for a few hours and the greenhouse suffered a bigger event and losing heat for a few hours freezing some of the plants. Most plants were not damaged by the lost of heat.

We were lucky with this event many citizens from the United States were not as fortunate and lost property, lives and some their homes.

More information here:

Cleon Ice Storm 2013

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Weather in Arkansas and gardeners

Weather In Arkansas

The weather in Arkansas is extremely crazy. One day you have breaking temps, and the next you get lows during the winter time. This is makes it hard to garden in zone 7b or 7a depending on which hardiness zone map you look at.

Using greenhouses can help with this if you have know what your doing. Seedlings need a nice constant temperature and light. Heating mats and grow lights can help with this process.

If you know the weather and pick the right time to plant your baby plants in the ground outside will give you the best chance for a bumper crop and harvest.

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