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Using A Tuning Fork On Tomatoes

After watching a video using a tuning fork on tomatoes, the Vegitate clan had to get one and try out in our garden. The 1st tuning fork was a complete bust and so back to eBay we went. We found a better deal and got one for 4.50 US dollars. It is in the note of C and has the number 128 inscribe on it. According to the post we read that is the best frequency to use to imitate bees. This works better in my opinion than using a electric tooth brush on your plants. By using this method on your flowers it will help increase your produce yields. Pollination is achieved by each tomato flower by resonating the flower on the plant just as a honey bee would.

You can find a tuning fork on the link below.


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How We Cross Breed Our Tomatoes

After the Tomato Video: Sunny Gürl, we got several comments on how we crossed breed our tomato plant. This is a “how to” video on how to cross breed tomatoes.

We crossed a Brandywine Studdeth Tomato with a Black Krim Tomato. By doing so we hope to increase the size of the Black Krim from a 12 oz – 15 oz size to a 2 pound tomato. We named this new F1 Hybrid Black Wine. But we are asking for your help with our new name, leave a comment below and the best name will receive seeds from this cross. The tomato name contest ends August 15, 2014

When breeding plants you don’t know what you are going to get on the other side of a cross and that is the appealing part.The game is to wait and see.

Here is some more information that I found about Cross Breeding Plants:

You can also find a video on YouTube from Gardening In Norway as well:

Check out Alderman Farms here:

Bush Early Girl and Sunny Goliath - Cross Breeding Tomatoes

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Weather in Arkansas and gardeners

Weather In Arkansas

The weather in Arkansas is extremely crazy. One day you have breaking temps, and the next you get lows during the winter time. This is makes it hard to garden in zone 7b or 7a depending on which hardiness zone map you look at.

Using greenhouses can help with this if you have know what your doing. Seedlings need a nice constant temperature and light. Heating mats and grow lights can help with this process.

If you know the weather and pick the right time to plant your baby plants in the ground outside will give you the best chance for a bumper crop and harvest.

Arkansas Welcome Sign
Welcome to Arkansas

Here are some resources for Arkansas Weather.




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Rain Rain Go Away

For the last 2 days, Fort Smith has gotten over 4 inches of rain. I was going to get my garden set into the ground since I am on spring break.   Vernal equinox has come and gone and with the weather being unseasonably warm I am ready to plow.

Last year about this time we got a huge flood in the area and I had to replant the whole thing. You can read about it here.

This year is going to be no different from last year as far as the layout goes. We are going to use the same variety of vegetables and going to plant some from seeds and some from plants. I have my potatoes in the old composter and so far  it is going good.

On March 25th, I got my onion sets in the ground. I also went to Park Brothers in Van Buren, Arkansas and picked up my flats of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Pepper Plants. They are the cheapest in the river valley and a amazing place to get your gardening materials.

Also on Saturday I cleaned all the weeds out of my raised bed and cleaned out my seed box by removing old seeds. There is not a lot of pictures in this update since I have been to busy trying to get everything ready. On my next update I will post pictures and a video of the kids transplanting my plants into their new home here at vegitate.

Here is some old videos to get you back in the swing of spring.



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Shutting Down Vegitate ….. For The Season

I haven’t update the website in a long time.  I been keeping up with the garden but let it go since the summer heat was pretty much the death of Vegitate this year.  Half of Vegitate survived and I was able to get a lot of peppers out of the garden along with tomatoes.

I had to protect the the remaining garden back on October 18th, with old covers from the 1st frost making the garden look like Occupy Vegitate.

Occupy Vegitate

Dustin Blakey had posted an article in the efortsmith a while back that said basically due to no spring temps that if you could get them to make it to September they will start to take off and boy did they.

Here is another reason to grow your own vegetables.