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Strawberry: Learn 10 Fun Facts

The strawberry is a delicious and well sought after perennial fruit. Every year 94 percent of Americans buy and consume the red berry. In the US. 80% of all strawberries consumed come from California.

The strawberry is in the family of the rose and has over 200 seeds on the outside of the fruit. It is the only fruit to ripen in the spring and contains only 4 calories. There is a museum in Belgium that is just for the strawberry.

I took the kids in early May to the Wild Things Farm, and we picked our own berries. We learned a lot that day about the strawberry and where our food comes from.  If you have a you pick fruit CSA in your area, we highly recommend you take kids to one, they will love it.

To learn more facts about the great red fruit check out these wonderful resources: