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Growing Plants From Seeds

I wanted to document how we grow our plants from seeds. We use mostly organic heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company.

The seed trays usually have to be cleaned each year to get rid of the small spiders from within. After a few days the seeds germinate and then the grow lights are working to keep the seedlings from getting spindly or leggy.

The potting soil mix used is from Fox Farm comes with a Ocean Forest additives.

Growing from seed is economically cheaper than buying pre-potted plants. After about a month we harden them off and move them into the garden. We use old mini blinds for identification tags in our seed trays.

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Pumpkin Brains – All Natural Seed Starter

With Halloween in the air and the harvesting of pumpkins abound. Vegitate decide to show our fellow gardeners a unique idea on how to germinate seeds with old pumpkins as a seed starting medium. When you are carving your Halloween pumpkin leave a few seeds inside.

After a week throw in some dirt and a little water inside. The seed will germinate and form a new life. Plant the entire jack-o-lantern in the ground and the life cycle of the pumpkin will a start again.

This a great fall actively to do with the kids in the garden and great way to recycle your jack-o-lantern.

Germinate Pumpkin Seeds

Fact of the day: Pumpkins are known as the winter squash, and grown primarily in North America and UK.

A bonus video that the kids made themselves can be found here:

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Guffa Luffa – Seed Give Away – The Ultimate Gourd

We picked up some Luffa Gourd Seeds from the Fort Smith Lawn and Garden Show. I planted them thinking they were just your average gourd seeds that you can make bird houses out of. After researching them I realized that these seeds are more special than I originally thought.

The luffa gourd can be dried out and use the inside to clean dishes, your skin, grill, or any surface that you can SOS pad on. The luffa gourd is biodegradable and environment friendly.

We will contact you after one week thru YouTube’s PM System to notify that you where to send a SSE.

Good Luck

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Saving Basil Seeds

On this episode we show you how to save sweet basil seeds. Saving seeds is very important step in gardening. By saving seeds it allows you to continues the heritage of the specie of plant that you love to eat. Also seed saving is a huge money saver in the long run. Basil is a great plant to grow and makes almost all food taste better.


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