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It Burns Things – Spicy Buffalo Wing Challenge

It has been a while since I created a video, so it was a cold night and I got a little bored and decide to get back into the YouTube game. Hello again. How y’all been. I decided to make a food challenge with chicken wings and test my self with some hot peppers of the Satan Morgua and brain strain family. I love Adam Richman and this is my Man V Food spicy contest in honor of him and his hot sauce challenges..

Lastly I did this in name of my channel here on YouTube. I have been intently making videos on YouTube for 3 years now. I told myself back 2 years ago to put some effort into and see what happens, well now I can’t see myself from leaving. Thank You, if you are reading this far into the description.


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Peter Pepper Picked A Bunch Of Peppers – Tabasco

We picked our own Tabasco Peppers and got a good bunch. We got exactly 1.5 pounds of peppers from two pepper plants. After we let them ripen up a little more we are going to make our very own Tabasco sauce. That video will be later on this fall. If you like Tabasco sauce please stay tuned for more videos and our other videos about gardening come out about once a week.

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Brush Your Plants For Fresh Fruit and Bumper Crops


We use a old electric toothbrush to help self pollinate our pepper and tomato plants. Pepper and Tomato blooms have both the male and female parts which are the stamen and stigma. By using the electric toothbrush it helps release the seed or pollen in the stamen thru ultrasonic vibration. This is a super easy method to help get every bloom the ability to produce the fruit that will help you get a bumper crop this harvest.

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Shutting Down Vegitate ….. For The Season

I haven’t update the website in a long time.  I been keeping up with the garden but let it go since the summer heat was pretty much the death of Vegitate this year.  Half of Vegitate survived and I was able to get a lot of peppers out of the garden along with tomatoes.

I had to protect the the remaining garden back on October 18th, with old covers from the 1st frost making the garden look like Occupy Vegitate.

Occupy Vegitate

Dustin Blakey had posted an article in the efortsmith a while back that said basically due to no spring temps that if you could get them to make it to September they will start to take off and boy did they.

Here is another reason to grow your own vegetables.