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Pumpkin Brains – All Natural Seed Starter

With Halloween in the air and the harvesting of pumpkins abound. Vegitate decide to show our fellow gardeners a unique idea on how to germinate seeds with old pumpkins as a seed starting medium. When you are carving your Halloween pumpkin leave a few seeds inside.

After a week throw in some dirt and a little water inside. The seed will germinate and form a new life. Plant the entire jack-o-lantern in the ground and the life cycle of the pumpkin will a start again.

This a great fall actively to do with the kids in the garden and great way to recycle your jack-o-lantern.

Germinate Pumpkin Seeds

Fact of the day: Pumpkins are known as the winter squash, and grown primarily in North America and UK.

A bonus video that the kids made themselves can be found here:

Music By Kevin Macleod