Beekeeping And Growlights

For past 3 weeks Aiden and I went to the Apiary Classes taught at the local Janet Huckabee Nature Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

The free bee keeping classes where taught by the Western Arkansas Eastern Oklahoma Beekeepers Association. Which vegitate is now a proud member of.

The class was free with a donation of a can good.

Also we picked up a new grow light for my garden seed starts and transplants. We purchased the Sunleaves Pioneer 4. The light puts out some major
light on to your transplants that it even give my Carolina Reapers a nice sun tan.

Janet Huckabee Nature Center

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Alternative Grow Light Reflector – Mylar or Foil?

I was looking for a temporary way to add more light back on to my plants. Using Mylar Film, or Sunfilm is a nice way to reflect more light back on to you budding seedlings. After looking at the prices of the Sunfilm 1 mil Film and the price was reasonable but I want to know if I could find a product that was cheap in price but still reliable and reflective as the named brand products.

After cruising down the automotive section of a Dollar General Store. I found exactly what I needed for my new grow light system. The Auto Sun Shade bounces back 99% of the UV light back on to the plants. This was a exactly what I was looking for: Price, Size, and Light Reflection.

Now the Sunfilm is cheaper if you are building a larger grow light system. If you have single light setup the sun shade is the cheaper alternative.

Here are some websites with products that you might want to research when you are investing into a nice grow light setup.



Available at Dollar General Stores.

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