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Growing Plants From Seeds

I wanted to document how we grow our plants from seeds. We use mostly organic heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company.

The seed trays usually have to be cleaned each year to get rid of the small spiders from within. After a few days the seeds germinate and then the grow lights are working to keep the seedlings from getting spindly or leggy.

The potting soil mix used is from Fox Farm comes with a Ocean Forest additives.

Growing from seed is economically cheaper than buying pre-potted plants. After about a month we harden them off and move them into the garden. We use old mini blinds for identification tags in our seed trays.

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It Burns Things – Spicy Buffalo Wing Challenge

It has been a while since I created a video, so it was a cold night and I got a little bored and decide to get back into the YouTube game. Hello again. How y’all been. I decided to make a food challenge with chicken wings and test my self with some hot peppers of the Satan Morgua and brain strain family. I love Adam Richman and this is my Man V Food spicy contest in honor of him and his hot sauce challenges..

Lastly I did this in name of my channel here on YouTube. I have been intently making videos on YouTube for 3 years now. I told myself back 2 years ago to put some effort into and see what happens, well now I can’t see myself from leaving. Thank You, if you are reading this far into the description.


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Back To The Roots: Mushrooms In A Box Review

I wanted to teach my kids about growing your own mushrooms. Growing mushrooms in your home is a great idea and learning activity to teach your kids.

This Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit from is a great product.

It only took about 8 days for the mushroom spores to fully mature in delicious mushrooms.

The biggest thing I learned from this experiment is how people learn from human touch. The kids were almost addicted to touching and feeling the mushrooms through its growing cycle.

The kids and I both enjoyed eating fresh mushrooms that we grew in our own home. We have already started growing the other side on the box.

Additional information can be found here.