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Summer Solstice Garden Update


This garden update video was shot on summer solstice 2013. I had a few technical difficulties with the video so sorry for the late upload. I show off my Carolina reapers, my cucumber beetle issues. My greenhouse is kicking the garden into full gear this June. My potatoes are popping up great. I am getting a little blossom end rot around the garden but I am using lime and Azomite to try to correct the issues. All in all the garden is doing awesome this year.

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Plant Identification Challenge – Garden Update With A Twist

Aiden and I took the ultimate garden challenge. The challenge was to correctly identify the plants growing in our greenhouse. If Aiden gets a 80% or higher he gets to put a pie in my face, if he loses however I get to throw one in his face.

Well he did great and got a lot right but not enough. I think his nerves got to him cause he was so close and was not firing on all cylinders during the challenge. The results still were the same. Also he was a big fan of Dr. Who so we used his sonic screw driver as the official buzzer. And Zoe was the official score keeper.

Remember – It Grows Things.