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How to start a garden in a 5 gallon bucket

Grow a garden in a bucket.The ultimate garden kit for the gardening beginner or low gardening space.
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It is a 5 gallon grow bucket kit to alter your 5 gallon buckets to grow vegetables and flowers. Our grow bucket system allows for a one gallon water reservoir in the base. We took the old two bucket design and improved it. Grow fresh produce with a self wicking system. Grow anything from Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, and Corn with our gardening kits. Spend less time watering your plants and enjoy the time outdoors.

This product was designed in Arkansas and manufactured in the USA.

You just provide the bucket, soil, plants and water.

Advantages with growing a garden inside of a bucket with our kits.

Water Less and No Over Watering,
No Rocks or Poor Soil or Tilling,
Easier To Build Than A 2 Bucket System,
More Time To Garden



What do I have in my garden?!

I have been given a request to see what I have in my garden and what I like to use. As you know as a gardener, other people who have gardens love to see your stuff so they can see what they need for their layout.

The kids didn’t get involved in this video shoot because they where wanting to play outside in the swing. I hope you like my garden thus far. Please leave a comment or subscribe if you like what you see.