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As Seen On Pinterest – PVC Self Watering Drip Irrigation System

The Self Watering Drip Irrigation System made completely from PVC is the subject of this video. We found a pin on Pinterest that went viral and decided if it was easy and cheap like the article claimed. We made the whole drip system for the low price of $50.00.

We used a very small amount of drip irrigation supplies. I chose this method over soaker hoses due the longevity of PVC materials. With the add on of the Melnor Water timer ,model 3012, this irrigation system is completely automated.

The water system is a furrow style to water between the rows of your garden. We used a 7/64 drill bit to make the self drip size just right.I would go smaller next time. If your ever in the south during the heat of the summer, this will help water your garden and save your hard work on your plants.

You can find where I got my idea from  this website:

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A Sticky Situation – Tanglefoot on Fruit Trees, Tree Series 1 of 2

We are sick and tired of the ants getting their fill on our fruit from our peach trees. Today we stopped them with Tree Tanglefoot. The trees have been hit every year and Tree Tanglefoot is OMRI listed for organic farming and it is using 1885 technology. The product is inexpensive and easy to apply and reapply. The product is so easy to apply my kids could do it.

Peach Tree Blossom

It is sticky, Tanglefoot almost looks like caramel, It is made from natural gum resins, vegetable oil and bees wax.
Use it to stop crawling insects like ants, canker worms, army & tent caterpillars, climbing cut worms, pecan and root weevils, gypsy moths

Here are a few places you can buy it at online:

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Alternative Grow Light Reflector – Mylar or Foil?

I was looking for a temporary way to add more light back on to my plants. Using Mylar Film, or Sunfilm is a nice way to reflect more light back on to you budding seedlings. After looking at the prices of the Sunfilm 1 mil Film and the price was reasonable but I want to know if I could find a product that was cheap in price but still reliable and reflective as the named brand products.

After cruising down the automotive section of a Dollar General Store. I found exactly what I needed for my new grow light system. The Auto Sun Shade bounces back 99% of the UV light back on to the plants. This was a exactly what I was looking for: Price, Size, and Light Reflection.

Now the Sunfilm is cheaper if you are building a larger grow light system. If you have single light setup the sun shade is the cheaper alternative.

Here are some websites with products that you might want to research when you are investing into a nice grow light setup.



Available at Dollar General Stores.

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As Seen On TV Stay Fresh Produce Bags – Experiment

After much thought I decide it was time to put the Stay Fresh Produce Bags to the test.
I setup an experiment with 5 pieces of okra and a control along with methods of storing food to see if the bags could live up to the hype.

According to the manufacture the main ingredient that prevents produce rot is Oya. A mineral from the zeolites, a family of a volcanic rock. You can find out more about the science at this website:

They do work but not for much longer than the control in this experiment. Would I buy them again, yes only if the price was right.

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Brush Your Plants For Fresh Fruit and Bumper Crops


We use a old electric toothbrush to help self pollinate our pepper and tomato plants. Pepper and Tomato blooms have both the male and female parts which are the stamen and stigma. By using the electric toothbrush it helps release the seed or pollen in the stamen thru ultrasonic vibration. This is a super easy method to help get every bloom the ability to produce the fruit that will help you get a bumper crop this harvest.

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Picking High Quality Tools For The Garden

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Today we discuss the importance of picking and purchasing high quality tools for your garden. When you purchase inexpensive be forwarned that you will probably have to buy them again the following season. By doing your homework and little research online you can find gardening reviews for the right tools for the job. In the end don’t buy cheap, buy quality and your gardening season will have less hiccups.

It Grows things

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Vegitate – Our 1st Prize Giveaway

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