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Growing Plants From Seeds

I wanted to document how we grow our plants from seeds. We use mostly organic heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Seed Company.

The seed trays usually have to be cleaned each year to get rid of the small spiders from within. After a few days the seeds germinate and then the grow lights are working to keep the seedlings from getting spindly or leggy.

The potting soil mix used is from Fox Farm comes with a Ocean Forest additives.

Growing from seed is economically cheaper than buying pre-potted plants. After about a month we harden them off and move them into the garden. We use old mini blinds for identification tags in our seed trays.

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How to improve soil with an easy soil test.

We finally got our soil test sample results back from the state extension office and was baffled by our soil results. I put of a lot of thought into and hard work to improve the garden space I figured that I would get better results or should I say different results. I research the internet to see what all the numbers indicated. I found the video from One Yard Revolution and he broke down the results on his soil sample and it all made sense.

Assuming anything can be a bad thing and you need to know the numbers to make sense of what you have and don’t have. A soil sample from a professional lab is one of the best investments you can make to your garden, plants and yourself.

The old cliche “knowing is half the battle” fits best with this ideology.

Please contact your local extension office and invest your time and get the information about your soil and your plants will thank you for it.

Here is a link to find your local extension office.

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Earthgro Potting Soil – Buyer Beware

I picked up a bag of Earthgro Potting Mix thinking that it would be good potting soil. I was going to use the medium to start seeds indoors under grow lights. After opening the bag I was blown away how poor this product was. Inside the bag is a lot of sticks, sand and rocks. The product is more sand than any of the other ingredients.

The product is made by
Here are other reviews from their own website.

The Scotts Company makes the product line of Miracle Gro.

Why would a company that makes a quality product like Miracle Gro make such a horrible “earth friendly product” and charge more for it.

If you go to their website the reviews on Earthgro tells the tale.