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Squash Vine Borer Moth Control- The Borer 2000

After years of fighting the garden pest known as the Squash Vine Borer we have built the ultimate squash plant protection system.

The Moth lays it eggs on the squash vine and the worm burrows inside and eats the plant from the inside out.

The system completely blocks the squash vine borer moth from ever reaching the plant to lay their eggs.
In the south we even have 2 brood cycles a year which makes it even harder to protect the plants.

The system is completely mobile and reusable and has great air flow and provides shade during the summer time heat.

You will have to hand pollinate the squash plants daily since you are going to be blocking all beneficial insects from entering in to the fray.

More information about the life of the devious moth can been found here:

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Does Diatomaceous Earth Deter Slugs In Your Garden – Talladega Slugs?

Slug is the name for a shell-less earth gastropod mollusc.
Slugs live in the earth and usually eat plants and other decaying matter. Slugs can be controlled with salt and iron phosphate how ever salt will effect plants in your garden.

Will Diatomeaceous Earth kill or slow down slugs in your garden?

OneYardRevolution had a great video demo stating this issue and this video is the Vegitate version to that question.

Check out Patrick Dolan’s Video here:

And his channel too.

Other References On Slugs:

Slug on a table

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Ladybugs Are Awesome Insects In The Garden

Live ladybugs or Lady Beetles also known as Ladybirds are an awesome insect for kids and your garden. A ladybug can eat over 5000 aphids in their lifetime. Kids are attracted to the red spotted insect and love to play with them for hours. The lady beetle is from the Coccinellidae family.

The ladybird beetle is a great organic pest control for your organic garden. The bugs’ main diet are aphids, scale bugs, mites. They are inexpensive and are great entertainment to watch.

Here are some more facts about our live ladybugs that we bought today.

We also picked up a praying mantis egg today to launch a new attack on the bad bugs in our urban garden. The praying mantis egg has over 300 live praying mantis inside.

Ladybugs Lady Birds

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A Sticky Situation – Tanglefoot on Fruit Trees, Tree Series 1 of 2

We are sick and tired of the ants getting their fill on our fruit from our peach trees. Today we stopped them with Tree Tanglefoot. The trees have been hit every year and Tree Tanglefoot is OMRI listed for organic farming and it is using 1885 technology. The product is inexpensive and easy to apply and reapply. The product is so easy to apply my kids could do it.

Peach Tree Blossom

It is sticky, Tanglefoot almost looks like caramel, It is made from natural gum resins, vegetable oil and bees wax.
Use it to stop crawling insects like ants, canker worms, army & tent caterpillars, climbing cut worms, pecan and root weevils, gypsy moths

Here are a few places you can buy it at online:

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How to kill squash vine borers – Larvae Death Race 2000

I notice that my squash plants have been kind of weak looking and starting to die out. The great garden pest known as the squash vine borer, aka Melittia cucurbitae, has done the death dance on my zucchini plants. I was like well they win again this year but at least we can have fun at their expense. Hence the Death Race 2000. We will reseed some new squash seeds in the same area after tilling in the soil and hopefully have a fall crop.

Squash Vine Borer

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Wily Rabbits – The Gardening Pest

Today in the garden we found some rabbits in the garden and ate some of our tomatoes plants. We are using chicken wire and spices to help ward off the Easter creatures. Rabbits have mucus membrane that is similar to that of humans, so that is why we chose to use spices to ward off the fuzzy balls. No animals were hurt while making this video.

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