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Using A Tuning Fork On Tomatoes

After watching a video using a tuning fork on tomatoes, the Vegitate clan had to get one and try out in our garden. The 1st tuning fork was a complete bust and so back to eBay we went. We found a better deal and got one for 4.50 US dollars. It is in the note of C and has the number 128 inscribe on it. According to the post we read that is the best frequency to use to imitate bees. This works better in my opinion than using a electric tooth brush on your plants. By using this method on your flowers it will help increase your produce yields. Pollination is achieved by each tomato flower by resonating the flower on the plant just as a honey bee would.

You can find a tuning fork on the link below.


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Glass Gem Corn

On June 22nd, We harvested our Glass Gem Corn from our urban garden. These corn seeds were given to us to grow from a fellow you-tuber named Robin Simmons. This unique corn is different colored on each kernel and each cob is uniquely different from the next. The rainbow color is vibrant and eye chillingly beautiful.

The corn became popular in 2012 when a picture was posted on Facebook and it when viral. The gemcorn was developed by a native American Indian trying to find his heritage thru agriculture. A friend named Schoen then was able to get the seeds and grew a little each year until today we have this Rainbow Corn, or Glass Gem Corn.

This glass gem seed will be used to make popcorn, it is a flint corn, for our family. We will also be giving away some to spread the heritage of the Indian culture. My wife and kids are registered Cherokee and I want to keep their heritage alive by passing down seeds to the next generation of non gmo corn.

You can learn about the creation of the corn here.

You can find her channel here:

The YouTube Gardener Spotlight of the Week is

Glass Gem Corn

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Ladybugs Are Awesome Insects In The Garden

Live ladybugs or Lady Beetles also known as Ladybirds are an awesome insect for kids and your garden. A ladybug can eat over 5000 aphids in their lifetime. Kids are attracted to the red spotted insect and love to play with them for hours. The lady beetle is from the Coccinellidae family.

The ladybird beetle is a great organic pest control for your organic garden. The bugs’ main diet are aphids, scale bugs, mites. They are inexpensive and are great entertainment to watch.

Here are some more facts about our live ladybugs that we bought today.

We also picked up a praying mantis egg today to launch a new attack on the bad bugs in our urban garden. The praying mantis egg has over 300 live praying mantis inside.

Ladybugs Lady Birds

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Brush Your Plants For Fresh Fruit and Bumper Crops


We use a old electric toothbrush to help self pollinate our pepper and tomato plants. Pepper and Tomato blooms have both the male and female parts which are the stamen and stigma. By using the electric toothbrush it helps release the seed or pollen in the stamen thru ultrasonic vibration. This is a super easy method to help get every bloom the ability to produce the fruit that will help you get a bumper crop this harvest.

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Wily Rabbits – The Gardening Pest

Today in the garden we found some rabbits in the garden and ate some of our tomatoes plants. We are using chicken wire and spices to help ward off the Easter creatures. Rabbits have mucus membrane that is similar to that of humans, so that is why we chose to use spices to ward off the fuzzy balls. No animals were hurt while making this video.

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Chewin up yo leaves – Compost Speed Up

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Today was a great day to get outside and “Spring Clean” the yard. We used a leaf mulcher to shred our leaves. You can also use a leaf blower in reverse to suck up and mulch the leaves. Now you don’t have to chop up your leaves but it will increase the cooking time of your compost. Nature will break them down but it will take a long time. We also use compost start up mix to the batch to make it work faster as well.

Also check out Reganite71’s video about Drunken Compost here –

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Compost Tea

Compost Tea
Compost Tea

In this episode, I teach the kids how to make their very own compost tea. My kids said to me, ” Daddy I don’t like tea”. In response I said, but do you like to play in the dirt, and they jumped on board. The kids made their very first batch of compost tea. This is easy to do, very inexpensive and a great spring activity to do with the kids.