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Using A Tuning Fork On Tomatoes

After watching a video using a tuning fork on tomatoes, the Vegitate clan had to get one and try out in our garden. The 1st tuning fork was a complete bust and so back to eBay we went. We found a better deal and got one for 4.50 US dollars. It is in the note of C and has the number 128 inscribe on it. According to the post we read that is the best frequency to use to imitate bees. This works better in my opinion than using a electric tooth brush on your plants. By using this method on your flowers it will help increase your produce yields. Pollination is achieved by each tomato flower by resonating the flower on the plant just as a honey bee would.

You can find a tuning fork on the link below.


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For plant starts to have the best chance at success you need the 4 main components from mother nature. However their is a 5th element that you might be over looking. You may have great grow lights and the richest of soils, perfect water and the best fertilizer how ever do not over look the 5th piece to the puzzle. WIND.

By providing a gentle breeze over you fresh seedlings you will get them to toughen up and grow a better stem to stand up once they get kicked out into the real world, aka the garden.

This year I learned that all important step by skipping that one step, I have always done it and now I know why I should continue to use a fan. My baby plants need it to give them the best 1st steps to be successful.

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Garden Quiz Challenge For Trivia Lovers 👍 #2

On this gardening episode of Vegitate, we challenge our self to a trivia contest on the subject of gardening. We did this live and in one take so we really would challenge our audience to a real game of trivia. There is 10 questions that are all multiple choice. We used answer sticks to visually represent our answers to the viewers. If you are a lover of trivia crack I hope that was funny and informative

Please leave your trivia score in the comment section below and if you want us to challenge you again.

We used the website below to get a good question base and all pictures use in this video are their property unless otherwise noted.


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Garden Clean Up Equals A Clean Mind ✔︎

With spring around the corner and your garden looking like the aftermath of a toga party from your college days. It may be the time to do a complete make over of your garden just to bring back that natural muse that you had so many years ago after your 1st successful gardening season.

If you have been doing the same thing year in and year out in your allotment then it may be time to really overhaul your veggie setup. I hope that this will inspire someone to break down what they have been doing and get back that feeling they had back when they got the fever known as gardening.

Shout Out To Gardening With Puppies:


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How to improve soil with an easy soil test.

We finally got our soil test sample results back from the state extension office and was baffled by our soil results. I put of a lot of thought into and hard work to improve the garden space I figured that I would get better results or should I say different results. I research the internet to see what all the numbers indicated. I found the video from One Yard Revolution and he broke down the results on his soil sample and it all made sense.

Assuming anything can be a bad thing and you need to know the numbers to make sense of what you have and don’t have. A soil sample from a professional lab is one of the best investments you can make to your garden, plants and yourself.

The old cliche “knowing is half the battle” fits best with this ideology.

Please contact your local extension office and invest your time and get the information about your soil and your plants will thank you for it.

Here is a link to find your local extension office.

Use Coupon Code: VEGITATE Get 15% off the order

And Orders over 35 dollars get free shipping.


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Fall Crop Strategy And Succession Planting – T.O.T.S


There are 4 key factors that are crucial to have a successful garden in my opinion.

Timing is the 1st and most important step. You have to time your fall crops to the rhythm of mother nature. The season change around a certain time and this software helps predict the best time to start and plant your crops.

By making your self organized you take out the trouble that most gardeners suffer while gardening. I organize my seeds with a CD holder case and label all my plants with clothes pins to make sure everything is properly labeled and sorted.

To be a carpenter you have to have the right hammer to do the job just as a plumber has to have the right kind of wrench. Well to be successful starting a 2nd crop for the fall you need to have the right tool to start your plants indoor. I use the Sunleaves IV 4ft 4 x T5 blub Vitaluma Plus System. It has 4 grow blubs at 6500k. It is a great system for any beginner or any novice gardener.
You can find it online in places like

The best advice that I could give to any gardener is to look for the positive. In gardening there is always a positive aspect to everything we do. No matter how big or small it is you can find if you look. The success is how to look for that eureka moment and store it in the grey matter between our ears.

Glass Gem Corn

The gardening software that I use to help with timing is

Ebay Link to Gardening Stuff
Ronnie Payne’s Facebook Link

YouTube Gardener Spotlight


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Strawberry: Learn 10 Fun Facts

The strawberry is a delicious and well sought after perennial fruit. Every year 94 percent of Americans buy and consume the red berry. In the US. 80% of all strawberries consumed come from California.

The strawberry is in the family of the rose and has over 200 seeds on the outside of the fruit. It is the only fruit to ripen in the spring and contains only 4 calories. There is a museum in Belgium that is just for the strawberry.

I took the kids in early May to the Wild Things Farm, and we picked our own berries. We learned a lot that day about the strawberry and where our food comes from.  If you have a you pick fruit CSA in your area, we highly recommend you take kids to one, they will love it.

To learn more facts about the great red fruit check out these wonderful resources: