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2015 Gardener Appreciation Giveaway – Closed

Garden Prize Giveaway
Garden Prize Giveaway

We want to congratulate Debra Dubois, Linda Meranda, and Teri Ruiz for winning the garden giveaway contest for 2015. 

It is that time of the year were spring is about to sprung. And where we give back to our YouTube subscribers and our viewers. This year we have a great package to give out to fellow gardeners. Some of the items being given away this year:

Melnor Aqua Timer Model 3012
6in Plant Labels
Whitefly Sticky Traps
CocoGro Coconut Coir
Watering Can
Plastic Pots
Rain Gauge
Secureline Jute Twine Dispenser
Garden Hand Tools
Smartpot 3#
Green Snips

Also check out our friend Paul down at

The contest will end on 03/31/2015 at Midnight Central Standard Time.

3 winners will be picked for the same prize package setups, The top referrer and 2 randomly picked entries using for fairness.


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Strawberry: Learn 10 Fun Facts

The strawberry is a delicious and well sought after perennial fruit. Every year 94 percent of Americans buy and consume the red berry. In the US. 80% of all strawberries consumed come from California.

The strawberry is in the family of the rose and has over 200 seeds on the outside of the fruit. It is the only fruit to ripen in the spring and contains only 4 calories. There is a museum in Belgium that is just for the strawberry.

I took the kids in early May to the Wild Things Farm, and we picked our own berries. We learned a lot that day about the strawberry and where our food comes from.  If you have a you pick fruit CSA in your area, we highly recommend you take kids to one, they will love it.

To learn more facts about the great red fruit check out these wonderful resources:


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Polar Vortex 2014 Garden Giveaway – Ultimate Garden Pack

To enter the contest go to

During the winter of 2014, the U.S.A was hit with a strange weather phenomenon called the Polar Vortex. The polar vortex has dropped temperature in the US to -60C. So in honor of the Polar Vortex and for reaching 500 subscribers vegitate is having a prize giveaway.

Hopefully this Polar giveaway contest will get fellow gardeners in the mood for their spring gardens.

Prizes to be given away in this contest are:

  • 2 Smart Pots
  • 100 Growers’ Edge Trellis Clips
  • True Temper Planters Pal
  • Sticky Aphid White fly Traps
  • 2 pounds of Coconut Coir
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Carolina Reaper Seeds
  • Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • Solar Lite
  • Purple Snips
  • 2 Bags of Mykos 3.5 oz
  • 4 Bags of Compost Tea Alternative
  • Hamilton Pro Seeder
  • Germination Heating Mat
  • Bag
  • Homemade Wool Hat

Please check out
You can call Paul at Growfresh: (479) 648-8885

Polar Vortex Prize Thumb

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Guffa Luffa – Seed Give Away – The Ultimate Gourd

We picked up some Luffa Gourd Seeds from the Fort Smith Lawn and Garden Show. I planted them thinking they were just your average gourd seeds that you can make bird houses out of. After researching them I realized that these seeds are more special than I originally thought.

The luffa gourd can be dried out and use the inside to clean dishes, your skin, grill, or any surface that you can SOS pad on. The luffa gourd is biodegradable and environment friendly.

We will contact you after one week thru YouTube’s PM System to notify that you where to send a SSE.

Good Luck

Vegitate – It Grows Things.

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Summer Solstice Garden Update


This garden update video was shot on summer solstice 2013. I had a few technical difficulties with the video so sorry for the late upload. I show off my Carolina reapers, my cucumber beetle issues. My greenhouse is kicking the garden into full gear this June. My potatoes are popping up great. I am getting a little blossom end rot around the garden but I am using lime and Azomite to try to correct the issues. All in all the garden is doing awesome this year.

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Picking High Quality Tools For The Garden

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Today we discuss the importance of picking and purchasing high quality tools for your garden. When you purchase inexpensive be forwarned that you will probably have to buy them again the following season. By doing your homework and little research online you can find gardening reviews for the right tools for the job. In the end don’t buy cheap, buy quality and your gardening season will have less hiccups.

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Music By Kevin Macleod Title: Go Kart

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Vegitate – Our 1st Prize Giveaway

Contest ends on midnight of 4/19/2013

You just need to comment in this video’s comment section on youtube to be available to win.
Only one comment is eligible per user to be enter into the drawing, multiple comments from a single user will be deleted to make it fair for other users.

We will randomly pick a winner using to pick the winner and contact you thru the personal messaging system thru youtube.

We finally reached over 100 youtube subscribers, I know that is not a lot but we are excited to reach that milestone.

Awesome hydroponics store located in  Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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