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Bird House Design: Bottle Gourd

We decided to turn our bottle gourds into Bird Houses. This took about a year to make from seed to the final bird house build. They are easy to grow and convert into a single room bird casa with a little bit of work. Zoe painted them and I help with the parental stuff and the bird house design.

This was a great project for all of us. Any bird nest around your house will provide a safe habitat for the neighborhood birds.

For this project you will need a 2″ hole saw, a small drill bit, a drill, weather proof paint, plastic string and patience.

You can also drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage to keep help reduce flooding inside the gourd.


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As Seen On Pinterest – PVC Self Watering Drip Irrigation System

The Self Watering Drip Irrigation System made completely from PVC is the subject of this video. We found a pin on Pinterest that went viral and decided if it was easy and cheap like the article claimed. We made the whole drip system for the low price of $50.00.

We used a very small amount of drip irrigation supplies. I chose this method over soaker hoses due the longevity of PVC materials. With the add on of the Melnor Water timer ,model 3012, this irrigation system is completely automated.

The water system is a furrow style to water between the rows of your garden. We used a 7/64 drill bit to make the self drip size just right.I would go smaller next time. If your ever in the south during the heat of the summer, this will help water your garden and save your hard work on your plants.

You can find where I got my idea from  this website:

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Squash Vine Borer Moth Control- The Borer 2000

After years of fighting the garden pest known as the Squash Vine Borer we have built the ultimate squash plant protection system.

The Moth lays it eggs on the squash vine and the worm burrows inside and eats the plant from the inside out.

The system completely blocks the squash vine borer moth from ever reaching the plant to lay their eggs.
In the south we even have 2 brood cycles a year which makes it even harder to protect the plants.

The system is completely mobile and reusable and has great air flow and provides shade during the summer time heat.

You will have to hand pollinate the squash plants daily since you are going to be blocking all beneficial insects from entering in to the fray.

More information about the life of the devious moth can been found here:

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Alternative Grow Light Reflector – Mylar or Foil?

I was looking for a temporary way to add more light back on to my plants. Using Mylar Film, or Sunfilm is a nice way to reflect more light back on to you budding seedlings. After looking at the prices of the Sunfilm 1 mil Film and the price was reasonable but I want to know if I could find a product that was cheap in price but still reliable and reflective as the named brand products.

After cruising down the automotive section of a Dollar General Store. I found exactly what I needed for my new grow light system. The Auto Sun Shade bounces back 99% of the UV light back on to the plants. This was a exactly what I was looking for: Price, Size, and Light Reflection.

Now the Sunfilm is cheaper if you are building a larger grow light system. If you have single light setup the sun shade is the cheaper alternative.

Here are some websites with products that you might want to research when you are investing into a nice grow light setup.



Available at Dollar General Stores.

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Flower Pot Heater – The reality and science.

The flower pot heater have been touring the YouTube and News Media for quite some time. I found it interesting as a cheap source of heat for my greenhouse. The ingredients requires 2 clay pots, 1 baking bread pan and 4 tea light candles.

I made the heater by placing the 4 tea light candles in the baking pan and placing the smaller clay flowerpot on top. Then you place the bigger flower pot to of that the smaller one. After 1 hour the temperature reached 277 degrees.

I was impressed with the amount of heat it could hold. But other than that it was not impressive. The unit is top heavy and falls over easily. You would only get about 3 hours of maximum heat off of the small candles.

Lastly it holds the heat well but doesn’t released its output effectively. This heater is more of a radiant heat and can only be felt a 8 inches from the top and closer on the sides.

It Grows Things.

Flower Pot Heater

Other Resources Used:


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Compost Tea from your own compost

Compost Tea
Compost Tea

In this episode, I teach the kids how to make their very own compost tea. My kids said to me, ” Daddy I don’t like tea”. In response I said, but do you like to play in the dirt, and they jumped on board. The kids made their very first batch of tea. This is easy to do, very inexpensive and a great spring activity to do with the kids. Compost is the best fertilizer you can put on your garden. Vegetables will grow bigger and faster with compost tea.

More information about making your own tea can be found here.