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For plant starts to have the best chance at success you need the 4 main components from mother nature. However their is a 5th element that you might be over looking. You may have great grow lights and the richest of soils, perfect water and the best fertilizer how ever do not over look the 5th piece to the puzzle. WIND.

By providing a gentle breeze over you fresh seedlings you will get them to toughen up and grow a better stem to stand up once they get kicked out into the real world, aka the garden.

This year I learned that all important step by skipping that one step, I have always done it and now I know why I should continue to use a fan. My baby plants need it to give them the best 1st steps to be successful.

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Penny For Your Blight – Early Blight On Tomatoes

Every gardener has had their bouts with tomato early blight in the garden. It mainly effects tomatoes and you can slow it down with pruning and copper. By using copper soap, or copper pennies you can slow early blight down.

You can also use a tablespoon in baking soda in a gallon of water to help bring up the PH in the leaves to help slow down the spread of blight.

Let me know if you have tried this blight removal with copper soap or baking soda, and which one works for you.

The website for my inspiration.

Vegitate – It Grows Things.

Pictures Below are from last year.

Early Blight

Early Tomato Blight

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Dieases, Garden, Gardening

Just when things get going… Bam right in the kisser

I am totally at lost of words right now on the condition of my urban garden. I have been watching my garden slowly die right before my eyes, day by day. I have heard that early blight is bad this year in Arkansas. However I didn’t know how really bad it could be. As you can see from these pictures whatever it is I cant slow it down or stop it. If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments below. It seems to be effecting my cukes, tomatoes and squashes. At this point, next year I am doing hydroponics instead.

*Sad Face*