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Brush Your Plants For Fresh Fruit and Bumper Crops


We use a old electric toothbrush to help self pollinate our pepper and tomato plants. Pepper and Tomato blooms have both the male and female parts which are the stamen and stigma. By using the electric toothbrush it helps release the seed or pollen in the stamen thru ultrasonic vibration. This is a super easy method to help get every bloom the ability to produce the fruit that will help you get a bumper crop this harvest.

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Growums: Garden in a box review

I was looking into container gardening and wanted to try the earth box system. As you know that my YouTube channel is geared towards kids and  I happened to stumbled upon the Growums: Garden In A Box.  I was stoked to discover this product since it would fit what I needed as a gardener and also make my kids want to get involved as well.

This is a great product and you need to pick one up for young gardeners at

I picked up as many as I could to help get me started container gardening this season.

They are great buy for any beginning gardener and even for the advanced gardener.

The Growums’ Garden in a box  kits contains:

  • Coconut Coir
  • Seeds
  • Stickers
  • Container
  • Instructions


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