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2015 Gardener Appreciation Giveaway – Closed

Garden Prize Giveaway
Garden Prize Giveaway

We want to congratulate Debra Dubois, Linda Meranda, and Teri Ruiz for winning the garden giveaway contest for 2015. 

It is that time of the year were spring is about to sprung. And where we give back to our YouTube subscribers and our viewers. This year we have a great package to give out to fellow gardeners. Some of the items being given away this year:

Melnor Aqua Timer Model 3012
6in Plant Labels
Whitefly Sticky Traps
CocoGro Coconut Coir
Watering Can
Plastic Pots
Rain Gauge
Secureline Jute Twine Dispenser
Garden Hand Tools
Smartpot 3#
Green Snips

Also check out our friend Paul down at

The contest will end on 03/31/2015 at Midnight Central Standard Time.

3 winners will be picked for the same prize package setups, The top referrer and 2 randomly picked entries using for fairness.


1 thought on “2015 Gardener Appreciation Giveaway – Closed”

  1. I WON I WON I WON!!!!! I still can’t believe it, 59 yrs and I never win anything but boy o boy did I ever win the motherlode! I sooooo needed all of these fabulous things and am sooo appreciative of Wes and his cute children that are such great helpers and even with their showing of the prizes, *that was my favorite part, watching his son!* My dog was so excited too, all wagging her tail and sniffing everything in the box, and really seemed excited about the ear of glass gem corn! That’s one seed I’ve been wanting for a while now, and am over the moon it was included in this amazing giveaway! Geez, Wes, it is so nice of you to do such a wonderful thing! We watch your videos and learn so much and enjoy them so much, we never expect a giveaway on top of everything else! But oh man, do I ever appreciate this! Thank you sooo much for your generosity and kindness! And hug those kids of yours for this old granny lady, eh? They grow up so fast and before you know it they’ll be moving away to go to college! Mine are in their late and mid thirties already, seems like time flies! Anyhow, thank you again, this is a fabulous amount of really great garden goodies and I shall cherish it and put most of it to work asap! If ya’ll want to see what I’m raving about…just go here and check out all the cool videos and info and great ideas Wes and his kids have on gardening…


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